Maarten Oosting

Hello, I'm Maarten Oosting (Mro95).


I am currently working at, an electronics shop that has a webshop and a store in Assen. I have created the webshop from scratch using programing language PHP and I have used the Laravel framework.

I heart SCN app

I have created a donate app for "Stichting SCN" for Android, In the next paragraph I will explain what SCN is. You can find my app here: I Heart SCN App


Currently I am volunteer at "Technisch & Creatief Jeugdcentrum Stichting SCN" (Technical & Creative Youth Center) in Groningen. On friday and wednessday, I meetup other young programmers. On Saturday, I help kids to learn programming. Website: stichting‑


E-mail: mail@this-domain

IRC: mro95 in

Github: Mro95